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The ‘What’s in a value?’ issue

Posted by Richard on January 30, 2012 in Blog

There is a place for values in the warp and weave of company life. Values help companies to recruit, they help them to trade and they help the individuals who work for a company to behave in a certain way. WMW’s are bravery (say what’s on your mind), originality (put a smile on a client’s face) and expertise… [ MORE… ]

Immaculate conception

Posted by Grant on January 16, 2012 in Blog, Digital, Social

This is so cool. Basically, you can create your own online characters (weavrs) with their own interests, personality, locations and lifestyle – based either on a real person or completely made up. This will then create a feed of posts (articles, videos, images, etc.) grabbed from the social sphere as if this were your creation’s personal life stream.… [ MORE… ]

What if neo post-Marxists ruled the world?

Posted by Richard on January 11, 2012 in Blog, Engagement, Whimsy

No matter how “friendly” you make your place of work – slow down the assembly line, introduce values and proper leadership, improve worker safety, pause the call centre traffic lights for 20 minutes each hour, have people send you engagement surveys – a place of work remains a place of work: a factory, a call centre, a retail… [ MORE… ]

How are you for ‘misms?

Posted by Grant on January 3, 2012 in Blog, Engagement, Internal Comms

“Please excuse me. I need to make water.” With this, my new American friend casually tossed her napkin on the table and left. Leaving me to reflect on this curious turn of phrase. I understood what she meant of course. Otherwise I’d have tugged her sleeve and gestured pointedly at that unopened bottle of San Pellegrino. Or questioned… [ MORE… ]

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