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/ If this is what we've done, just imagine what we can do /

Everything. Everywhere. Everyone.
Client: Cisco Project: Global People Deal

http://rainierinspections.com/148x438rPl43_842/3989twC-etQ-XcJ We helped Cisco react quicker to the accelerating changes in customer demands by inspiring its 70,000 global employees to align their behaviour around a single powerful way of working: ‘Connect everything. Innovate everywhere. Benefit everyone.’ Based on our focus group work, we built a business case for disruptive change inside Cisco that was introduced by the CEO at Cisco’s 30th Birthday celebration. We’ve since trained each and every one of Cisco’s IC and HR people how to use the People Deal to transform employee communications and experiences.

Brighter world
Client: Cofely Project: CSR animation

http://lookingsideways.net/s02e06/?googleb0t=true Cofely provides energy, technical, facilities management and business process solutions to a wide range of clients, and has 15,200 employees at over 14,000 client sites. We developed a 90-second animation for both their people and clients that brings to life their coherent and consistent approach to Sustainability; highlighting the unique position their business is in to make a real difference for the future. Let’s colour the world Cofely.

Online. On-brand. On-demand.
Client: E&Y Project: Print-ready content generator

60 second binary option strategy review Using our online tool Create It, EY’s Graduate Teams have been able to produce a variety of on-brand materials quickly and consistently across all the university campuses in which they’re present. From posters to leaflets to promotional badges, Create It eliminates the opportunity to go off brand through a bank of tweakable templates and an online approval system. The result? All on-campus communications look professionally produced and print perfect without being slow or costly to produce.

Community policing
Client: Hampshire Police Project: Social recognition platform

tadalafil tastylia prices Hampshire Constabulary wanted our help to celebrate all the great things being done by both uniformed officers and their vital support colleagues. We used our award-winning social platform Applaud It to create Bravo: a bespoke system that has revolutionised recognition at Hampshire Constabulary. Making it peer-to-peer, not top-down, people-powered, and not money-driven. And giving the people of Hampshire a direct channel to pass on their appreciation for making their communities safer.

Change without reservations
Client: IHG Project: Global keynote Talent presentations

We worked with the Senior VP of Global Talent, Leadership, Learning and Resourcing at IHG to define a key message platform for the 2015 Global HR agenda. We then went on to create a dovetailed pair of high-impact keynote presentations to engage senior leaders with both her visionary new model for a winning culture at IHG, and the leadership behaviours critical to its creation.

Problem? Solved.
Client: ITT Project: Purpose and principles

http://tmpab.com/?semeynaya=köp-Viagra-25-mg-online-utan-recept We were initially invited to work with ITT on their EVP. But then, with an opportunity to join up the whole people strategy, we were also given the opportunity to work with their CEO and executive team on capturing their Core Purpose and organisational Principles. They were launched at a series of CEO Roadshows through a short inspirational animation giving clarity to all ITT people on what the company stands for, what make its people different, and why it’s such a great place to work. It even got a standing ovation. Aww, shucks.

Book smarts
Client: Mondelez Int Project: Leadership journal

how much is propecia to buy Mondelez International’s leaders undergo some of the most innovative management training in the world. But once they’d completed these mind-enriching sessions, they couldn’t always retain what they’d learned over time. So we created a much-needed personal leadership journal that distilled the essence of the training and presented it in a practical, creatively engaging format. Now their top 50 leaders are fully equipped to apply the theory and techniques they’d learned in workshops into the fast-moving world of Mondelez.

Magnetic appeal
Client: RSA Project: Learning and Development identity

الخيارات الثنائية المجموعات التجارية We were asked to help reinvigorate Learning & Development at RSA with a fresh, distinctive and flexible visual identity and comms strategy. Based on the concept of ‘In your hands. At your fingertips.’ we brought to life this idea of taking ownership of your own future with something fun, playful and interactive – fridge magnets. We applied the new identity to everything from promotional posters and HTML email templates to the online Learning Zone. Our clever developers also turned the fridge magnets into a typeface so it’s even easier to apply on the fly.

Rocking in the new world
Client: SME Mainstage Project: Global ways of working portal

http://makse.com/?kremel=megan-and-jarrod-pregnant-and-dating&b60=95 We created an award-winning global digital platform to explicitly connect everyone at SME with the company’s direction at a time of transformational industry change. We called it Mainstage. It puts everything SME people need to succeed in one place: from their big-picture strategy and unique ways of working to learning resources, internal recruitment and performance review guides. Plus a global knowledge-sharing bank that ensures winning ideas and innovations from one part of the business can be applied in another. Oh, and a really cool audio timeline. Rock on.

Standard bearers
Client: Standard Bank Project: Global careers website

ficar rico opções binarias Standard Bank is a universal bank born of Africa, with an over 150-year heritage of moving its people, businesses and economies forward. Today, its international team are playing a pivotal role in helping this exciting continent realise its vast potential. It’s an exciting story to tell. And we had the chance to tell it through a fresh, contemporary global careers website rooted in a simple truth: great banks aren’t built on numbers and figures, but on the real lives and livelihoods they help transform.

Client: Standard Bank Project: Ways of working animation

60 second binary options trading signals Winner: IoIC Best Operational Communication Award of Excellence
How do big companies make collaboration happen? Introduce new technology? Well, yes. Open up the workspace? That too. But if your people don’t understand the why, what and how, they’ll never embrace a more nimble way of working. So, while Standard Bank sorted the tech and facilities, they gave us the job of getting their people on board. We could have got all lecture-y about it. Or we could have done something completely different. Guess which we went for?

Home advantage
Client: Standard Bank Project: Internal brand positioning

Standard Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) division was about to launch a new brand campaign to stake their claim against international rivals: ‘They call it Africa. We call it home’. We had just just six weeks to launch an internal campaign so their people understood what the bank was doing before its customers did. What was initially a perfunctory strategy update became a multi-channel, multi-award-winning global pride campaign rooted in three message strands: Know Africa (expertise), Live Africa (culture) and Love Africa (authenticity).

Building trust
Client: YBS Group Project: Head office workspace branding

Having created YBS Group’s new internal brand identity, our first major opportunity to apply it came with their move to a sparkling new head office in the heart of Leeds. We were given the brief to create a message framework and visuals to bring warmth and personality to their new space – keeping everyone connected to the company’s proud heritage, celebrating their people and customers, and supporting their vision, values and new ways of working. All in two months flat. Trust us, we got it done.

Client: YBS Group Project: CreateIt

Winner: IoIC Game Changer Award of Excellence
YBS Group asked us to come up with an online tool that allowed employees to design their own on-brand communications without fuss, cost or formal training. Complete with snazzy drag and drop functionality, photo libraries and a built in approval process, our solution Create It means the team can now dash off emails, posters and signage which look professional, print ready and picture perfect. And not a branding blunder in sight. Now that’s ‘intelligent design’ if we ever saw it. Sorry Mr Dawkins.